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Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:19
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April 2010 Vol 10 - No 3
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Globalizer: When promotion is a good notion
Southern Alberta Star Riders at 2010 Calgary Motorcycle Show

By Sandy Alexander,
President of Southern Alberta Star Riders

Kudos to the Southern Alberta Star Riders for their participation in the 2010 Calgary Motorcycle Show, held in January. Ignoring the famous Canadian winter weather, these intrepid folks set up a booth to inform the attendees about our great association.


Tracy Alexander (Ironside) in their booth

The Constellation set up for business on Thursday night and stayed for three days, handing out Tri-fold information flyers and through this effort encouraged 35 people to join their Constellation. Special thanks to Rooster for the tri-folds; these were a great help in their efforts to let people know about the ISRA and the Southern Alberta Star Riders.

A special mention goes out to the members of the Constellation who helped make this show a success: Sandy Alexander (Drabhorse), President of Southern Alberta Star Riders; Sandy’s wife Tracy, who is also active in the Connie and a great supporter of Sandy and the Connie (his own words, honest); Rick Greenacre (Grasshopper), Vice President; member Wayne Dick (Lone Wolf); Jim Watt, member; Jim Baker, Recruiter (his day was made at this event); and Kim Smith (Chucky Bird), associate member.


Wayne and Tracy in a lull in the Show

I would like to add one final comment here, if I may. For those of you who belong to a Constellation like the Southern Alberta Star Riders and your Connie are looking for ways to attract new members, then a booth at a major motorcycle show is a great place to meet possible new members. This technique has proven successful in the past for both ISRA and other groups, and can work for your Connie, if new membership is your goal.


Sandy, Wayne, JC, Little Jim, and Kim in the booth

As you have read, the ISRA Council can supply you with practically everything you might need. Both David Pitchell, International President, and I have done the same thing with our Conies, and it works as well as the rewards that the 2010 Calgary Motorcycle Show produced.


Sandy, Belt Drive Betty, and Tracy (smiles, everyone!)

Let’s all thank the Southern Alberta Star Riders for their effort for their community and their Connie at the 2010 Calgary Motorcycle Show. And let’s thank them for submitting this article; it shows that the ISRA is alive and well and hoping to let all Star Riders know that there is an outstanding association out there for Star Riders.
One last word to the members and readers of this Star Cruiser. As we have said, this is your magazine as well as ours, and we want to hear from you. Send us any short story, with pictures if possible, and we will put you and your Connie in the upcoming issue. Let the entire ISRA family hear about your rides, your parties, your bikes, and anything else that is of interest to you.

Let’s make this e-zine a family effort, and you might even get ideas that you can take home with you to benefit your Connie and yourself.
So, once again, congratulations to Sandy and the Southern Alberta Star Riders for their wonderful effort at promoting both their Constellation and the ISRA, and their new ISRA members. Keep up the good work, brothers and sisters, and have another great year.

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