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Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:19
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April 2010 Vol 10 - No 3
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Pic of the Month: World’s liveliest Indian
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Pic of the Month: World’s liveliest Indian

In the backstreets of Buenos Aires

By Anton Popov,
Star Cruiser Co-Editor,
Star Riders Russia

This was the last thing I expected to see in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. The oldest neighborhood of Argentina’s capital federal is a charming mix of 200-year-old houses, bumpy cobblestone streets and dozens of antique stores. The real old City Portena – that’s what people usually see here. But riders have got a different twist, right? So I started stumbling upon interesting stuff right away. First there was a knife shop that had a perfect 1960-something Buck, then a vintage motorcycle clothing store. And then I saw Him. It was definitely a “He” – an Indian Chief, all original and in good condition. Even the paint seemed genuine. What’s the fuss, you might ask. Well, guess one can see quite a few of those in the US. But in Russia, where I come from, you have to search real hard to find one. And bumping into an old Chief in South America was a double surprise. So I was literally crawling around, looking and sniffing like a gun dog, when the bike’s owner came out to see what the heck was going on. The guy worked in an antique shop nearby selling some old furniture, lamps and other stuff. But his real passion was with the old motorcycles. He told me his Chief was manufactured back in 1943. There were many bikes like this one in Argentina, but few of them are still out on the road, he said. Also, it turned out the guy used this Indian as a daily ride. And that was probably the thing that I loved most about this Indian. Yup, it leaks oil, but we all know what that means: the oil is still there and it gets hot at times. Yup, it’s not a show bike, but it has more life in it than a dozen show machines. Old and wise, but still kicking – isn’t that an ideal way to be when you are 67?


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