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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 08:21
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May 2010 Vol 10 - No 5
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Pic of the Month: Guided by Rainbows
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Pic of the Month: Guided by Rainbows

Luck and faith on the way to Estonia


By Anton Popov,

Star Cruiser Co-Editor,

Star Riders Russia


Do you see rainbows often? I do. Once (that was on Canary Islands and on a 150-cc scooter, I guess) I even rode through one… what a feeling and what a view! And I always stick to the old belief that rainbows bring luck. And I also believe it’s a sign that you do something right.


I met those guys back in 2008 here, on the ISRA forum. They were from Estonia – a neighbor country, which was part of the Soviet Union together with Russia along with the other 13 now independent republics. They invited me to join them at Jygevatreff – the biggest and oldest (held annually since 1992) bike fest in Estonia. The guys sounded so enthusiastic and friendly that I did not hesitate for a moment and took the 1,000-km ride northwest. I will tell more about that trip someday, because Estonia is beautiful and unique place, but this story is about something different.


Relations between Russia and its former Soviet neighbors were never easy after the fall of the Empire. So summer 2008 was yet another “hard time” for Russia and Estonia. Our governments had some controversy once again – stupid and senseless as usual. The propaganda machine was working at full throttle, tensions were growing… And for different reasons (which were personal rather than political) all four or five fellow riders that wanted to join me on this trip had to quit. So I found myself out on my own.


I wouldn’t say I was worried or something. I was just prepared that it wouldn’t be the warmest welcome in my life – with the words “Star Riders Russia” written in capital letters on the back of my vest. But as soon as I crossed the border, I saw this rainbow stretching up to the skies from somewhere close to my destination. From that moment on I felt absolutely relaxed – and for a good reason. This trip proved to be one of the best in my life: Star Riders Estonia gave me THE warmest welcome, the country turned out to be beautiful and the locals treated me without a single sidelong glance – despite my being so obviously Russian.


This year it will be the third time I’m going to Estonia. So the conclusion of this little story is obvious: be guided by rainbows and life will show you its best side. No matter how strange or unfriendly it might look at the first glance.


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