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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 22:40
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July 2010 Vol 10 - No 7
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Bike of the Month: The Polar Beast
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Bike of the Month: The Polar Beast

Boomer’s 2008 Raider – Winner of July contest


Lets welcome the winner of ISRA July “Bike of the Month” contest – Boomer from Russia’s far North and his Raider! His bike is not only a beautiful piece of tech, but an enduring ride also. Read “Motorcycle Diaries” to see how the bike handled in harsh conditions of Russia’s Polar territories. Now here is what the winner has to say about his beloved machine:


“My bike is a 2008 Yamaha Raider brought in stock condition from the US in February 2009. I installed Cobra floorboards, Yamaha engine guards and solo luggage rack, Kuryakin grips and a bi-xenon light. I also took all the inner muffles from the pipes, so the sound is quite uncommon. Then I got rid of the license number plate frame and the rear turn signals, replacing them by similar Kuryakin pieces. The license plate now sits low on the right side of the bike. The front fender has a boar figure on it, with eyes glowing on the turn of the ignition key.


My impressions? Well… now I don’t know what to dream of. Don’t need anything else. Seems like the Japanese engineers produced an ideal machine – as if they got into my brain somehow and tailored the bike especially for me ))) I bought it in early 2009. There were only two such bikes in Moscow at that time and one in Krasnodar (a city in Southern Russia). There was no user feedback on this model, no impressions, no info really. Just some photos and a couple vids from Yamaha official site. So I made it a blind date for me, which one must NOT do!!! But I was lucky. I have a mild spine hernia, but I still ride a lot. I tried lots of bikes, but only raider gave me:

  • Exceptionally easy steering both at high and low speeds. I can handle it easily even when its still.
  • Comfortable riding position (at least for me): my back is upright or slightly leaned to the rear, arms are straight, while my legs are stretched forward and not bent. The saddle is sort of scoop-shaped and has a very comfortable waist support.
  • Crazy acceleration at any gear.
  • Excellent exterior: wide rear wheel, long fork with a narrow front wheel. In other words, is doesn’t look like a muscle bike ))

When I go out on a long-haul ride, I put on a Yamaha fast-release windshield. When I cruise in the city, I just take it off. Now I plan to have a wider rear tire: 240/10/80 instead of the current 210/10/80”.



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