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Sunday, 15 August 2010 06:48
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August 2010 Vol 10 - 8
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Motorcycle Diaries: an 800-km Weekend
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Motorcycle Diaries: an 800-km Weekend

Riding in Sao Paulo, Brazil


By Tiago Feliziani,

President, Sao Paulo Star Riders of the ISRA


Hello, Riders!


July 9 was a holiday in the State of São Paulo. We had three days to turn around. So, the Constellation Star Riders São Paulo, in partnership with Drag Star Owners Group, left without destination. Easy Riders!


At a gas station in Sao Paulo. Left to right: Moska & his wife, Mikele, Marcelão, Tiago, Fabio, Ramone, Shinya Honda and L. Gustavo.


So we decided to take the Rio-Santos, a road that follows the coast of São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.



After the first 100 km, the throttle cable of Ramone's Drag Star broke. We managed to get by even on the road and go on until Guaruja, searching for a mechanic.


Mikelewaiting for Ramone’s Drag Star to get tidy.


Ramoneand Jesus, the mechanic


After the bike was neat, we stopped at a restaurant on the beach in a coastal town, to have seafood for lunch and take a lot of beer.



After filling our stomachs with shrimp and squid, we traveled to the ferry that connects the Guaruja to Bertioga.



As it was evening, we decided to stay at Camburi, a city by the sea. We got a hotel for a good price and took whiskey to sleep.


Marcelãoand everyone were finished :)


Next day morning we woke up early, took a good breakfast and got ready to continue our journey further into the state, towards the mountains.


Mikelin his pajamas in the hotel in Camburi


In Rio-Santos highway, we find some partners of the road and we enjoyed the scenery together.


Tiago and the Atlantic Ocean



São PauloStar Riders, DOGs and HOGs.



On the road, we had lunch at a restaurant on Route Tamoios. Food to satisfy the hunger of the world.


The most beautiful people of Brazil.LOL


So, we went to a town called Santo Antonio do Pinhal, a high city surrounded by mountains and cold, very cold. We stayed in a rented house at the last minute.


Do not you remember the movie The Blair Witch Project?


Look at the sadness of Alex when the bottle of Jack Daniels is over.


In Santo Antonio do Pinhal we went out to bars, restaurants. Local people in places through which we passed, looked amazed to see our bikes.



In total, nearly 800 km were shot in three days, with much laughter and partnership and joy. Soon we will have another great ride. Wait and you will see it yourself soon!


Ride safe!


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