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Sunday, 15 August 2010 06:48
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August 2010 Vol 10 - 8
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Pic of the month: They made my day
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Pic of the month: They made my day

My tribute to a group of Polish riders


By Anton Popov,

Star Cruiser Editor


There are a lot of motorcycles in the streets of Moscow. But more and more appear each year. So what started 20 years ago as a small riding group now grows into a real community – huge and very varied, which is no wonder in such a big city. As the number of riders increases, I hear a lot of nostalgic complaints, especially from those who ride long enough. No one would stop to help you out on the road, no one greets fellow riders anymore, they say. The bike brotherhood is dead and gone – this idea has become a common place in the past few years.


But is it dead, really?


To be honest, I never supported these views. My faith was strengthened on my recent trip to Europe. Eleven countries, 9500 km in just over two weeks – it is a separate story, which I hope to share with you sometime soon. Today’s point is the challenge that this trip started with. I decided to make another attempt to complete an IBA SS1000 run on my way from Moscow to a bike fest near Hamburg, Germany. Everything went fine in Russia and Belarus, but Poland slowed me down. The roads were good, but curvy and narrow, with a lot of trucks and suffocating speed limits. So there came a moment, when I realized I had to finish the run ASAP if I want to make it in time. There were a few miles I still had to go to get over the 1,000 threshold and about two hours before the time would run out. You probably know that to complete the run I need a witness. But who could it be? It was 5 am, the gas station was absolutely empty. Suddenly, several sportbikes pulled over from the highway. Language barrier is a problem for me in Poland sometimes. But we managed to communicate and the folks got my idea. They agreed to ride with me to the next gas station, so that I would have enough miles and sign the witness form as I get my last gas receipt.


Here they are – people that made my day. Or, rather they made my run. They agreed to spend their time and effort to a complete stranger, although they were tired themselves and were eager to get home and have some rest. Becoming a certified IronButt is good, but it’s even better to know that there is something that unites people on two wheels. To know that the brotherhood is not dead.


Katarzynaand Maciej, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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