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Wednesday, 16 December 2009 22:39
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July 1999 - Vol 1, No. 2.1
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Road Trip

Freehold Cruise Night

By Jeff Henon

Ahh, summertime. Warm weather, classic cars, cool tunes, a bottle of your favorite brew, and of course.....


Summer officially began for me Thursday, May 27th at Freehold Cruise night in New Jersey. A handful of us Star riders in the New Jersey-Pennsylvania area met up on Throckmorton street in downtown Freehold.

Now, Cruise night in Freehold has really been more about cars than bikes in past years. You can always count on street rods. Classic cars from just about every era abound, whether they be chopped and channeled 30s Packards, convertible 57 Bel Airs, Vettes and Stangs from the 60s, or maybe even a SuperBird, Freehold has you covered.

But watch out, street rods! The two-wheeled army is coming!

This year you can really see how motorcycling has captured the imagination of Americans again. Throckmorton Street was jam-packed with so many bikes that those that got there too late had to park in the parking lot around the corner. There were all kinds of bikes on display including a WWII vintage Army-spec Harley and even some of those 2-wheeled Camaro V8-powered beasts known as the Boss Hoss. But what surprised me was the turn out of V Stars. I saw at least 10, which says a lot since I’ve only ever seen one other out on the road.

Here are a few pics of the event. (Unfortunately my digital camera isn’t the best at night)

John, Don Chuck and myself all met up and compared our bikes. From left to right: Jeff’s Black Classic, Don getting off of John’s Silver Custom, Chuck’s Red Classic, Don’s Black Classic, Chuck and John.

Chuck on his Red Classic

John on his Silver Custom.

An especially sweet custom painted Black
Classic owned by a woman named Donna.

What is summer all about? Bikes? Cars? The beach? Tunes? Hanging with your friends? Sure, it’s about all that. This year, though, we proved that now summer is also about the ISRA!

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