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Saturday, 19 December 2009 20:02




Welcome to the New Star Cruiser!


Greetings from the new editors of Star Cruiser! We hope to give all members a new e-zine with more features, more input, and several new items of interest.


Member contributions are enthusiastically welcome. Send us your ideas, suggestions, complaints, anything you believe might be of interest to other members. All input is subject to editorial critique (no profanity or controversy), but any idea is wanted, so send in your ideas.


Editor's e-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We hope you will enjoy the new and (hopefully) improved Star Cruiser, and our new and returning features:


Editor’s Letter – This will include personal opinions on subjects of general interest, and the general opinions of the Galaxies.


ISRA News – Official info from the ISRA Council and ISRA Constellations. For instance, “David Pitchell re-elected as ISRA President” or “Star Riders Greenland joins ISRA family” or ISRA Council approves new patch bylaw”.


Yamaha News – Official info, test rides and other stuff from Yamaha based on their press releases, newsletters and official pix. For instance, “Yamaha recalls 1,000 Ventures with defective cup holders” or “2010 V-Star 1300: old concept in new style”



Star of the Month – This one is also clear. This is a story about a bike. Upgraded or not – does not matter. It’s just a story, where a bike (a Star bike that is) is the principal character. For instance, “I love my V-Star 650” or “How to waste $6000K, (or a bagger can make you a beggar”). This is definitely the sort of story that requires pix.


Motorcycle Diaries – Here we put travel stories: trips ridden on a Star or on another bike by an ISRA member. The point here is not really the bike, but the trip itself. Pictures – yes, please! For instance, “How I made a Saddle-Sore 1000 on a V-Max” or “A Merrier Xmas: In winter life rolls on in Thailand”.


Tech Talk – Advice and experience in upgrades, repairs and troubleshooting of all sorts. Pictures are welcome as long as they help understand tech issues. For instance, “How to sync your V-Star carbs” or “33 things you’ll need on a 1K-mile ride”.


Globalizer – Stories about life in ISRA Constellations around the world. Here Connies and individuals can also introduce themselves to the global community. For instance, “Sam: an aerospace engineer, who rides 50K/yr” or “Star Riders Albania: meet the youngest ISRA Connie”, or “Happy Birthday, Elvis: SRR & friends light up the night”. Pictures strongly recommended.


Star Gazer – a freestyle section for anecdotes, funny or horror stories, philosophical thoughts – all sorts of staff that we tell each other over a glass of beer. For instance, “Why don’t riders greet each other anymore” or “Say NO to online shops – your local dealer is starving”. Pictures are welcome, but not necessary here.


Pic of the Month – another freestyler for interesting pix that involve ISRA folks and/or bikes (not necessarily Star) and a brief comment. For instance, “Here I am in Buenos Aires sitting on a beautiful all-original 1957 Indian” or “See how Pamela Anderson rides my Stratoliner and loves it”.


Safety Articles:

Articles about the safety of our members are always welcome. We can use articles about riding apparel, riding techniques, bike safety equipment, etc. Any articles will be considered. For those of you who have read the Star Cruiser long ago, you might remember Ben’s series of safety articles; these may be repeated between other contributions.



If you have a performance motorcycle, tell us about your machine. Ben’s Road Star puts out 116 Bhp, so we understand fast bikes. Include a detailed list of modifications, including suspension, tires, frame modifications, and motor upgrades.


Also, look for “New Brothers and Sisters”, spotlighting new Connies, Their locations, and something about their lives in their area.


Did you ever realize that ISRA never sleeps?

Dozens of Constellations and over 31,600 people all around the world… No matter if it’s day or night, you can be sure that somewhere your Star buddy is riding his or her bike at this very moment.

Weird to have a buddy you might never see or even know, huh? Well, we’re here to correct that. We hope to make Star Cruiser a truly global thing. We will share our experience and inspiration with you, but we also count on your generosity. Got a story or a feedback? You are strongly encouraged to share it. Haven’t got one? You can still read what others have to say. We want to know how you live and how you ride, hear your stories and learn the lessons you’ve learned.


So welcome aboard and let’s make sure that fun never stops on our ISRA globe!


Be a part of the Star Cruiser family. Send us your input soon!


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