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Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:19
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April 2010 Vol 10 - No 3
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Editor’s letter: Tell me a story…

By Anton Popov,

Star Cruiser Co-Editor,

Star Riders Russia


‘Airplane is not just a machine, but also a perception tool’, said Antoine de Saint Exupery in his famous Terre des Hommes. I do not guarantee the accuracy of this quote, translated from French to Russian and then to English. But I am quite sure I feel the same way about my bike. Some say motorcycle riders remain children even as their beards get long and their hair gray. Well, I’d put it another way… We never get completely grown just because we never stop growing up. Why? Because of that powerful perception tool that we all here possess. As long as we reel miles up our wheels, we never stop seeing new places, meeting new people, learning things about the world and ourselves as well. So we might never get real grownups, but at least we will never run out of stories for our grandchildren. Our experiences are unique as our fingerprints. The bikes we choose, the mods we make, the lands we travel… That is the reason I like bike meetings so much. You meet people, vagabonds like yourself, you sit by the fire and share those marvelous stories. And that’s what I love about the Star Cruiser. Summer or winter, America or Russia, we can get together and learn some new stuff. So, tell me your story – and I’ll tell you mine. Deal?




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